is a free online hash cracker for wireless networks. Use our service crack wpa hashes by uploading the .cap or .hccapx file or submitting PMKID hash. Service is absolutely free.

Crypt-Fud PRO subscription

After purchasing this subscription you'll get site functions below:

  • [Free of queue] Processing hashes with higher priority (you won't need to wait until all free users tasks will get processed)
  • [Smart search] Giant dictionary with passwords list (more than 5 billion unique passwords, all possible 8-digits and all possible 9 digits numbers for any task for subscription period
  • [Speedup] High hash-processing speed on server separated from free section (~2900kh/s)

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Payment method: PayPal, Bitcoins. If you don't have Bitcoins you can get some on using your local payment system

All received funds goes to further support and new equipment for the server

Subscription plans

1 week - 0.00047 BTC (~14$)
1 month - 0.00152 BTC (~45$)

Payment gateway is automated. You'll get subscription right after your transaction have 2 confirmations

Server 1: Working

Important: is to be used for penetration testing wireless networks. Our services are not to be used for illigal purposes.